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Hey I'm so new to this forum, I just want to know if I'm at the right place hehehe... Let me start by saying I LOVE PAPYRUS/SIERRA RACING GAMES, I started in 1997 with Nascar Racing 1994, later got Nascar Racing 2, Nascar Racing 1999 Edition and of course the one and only Nascar Racing 2003 season (All in their original boxes BTW...I know I'm missing a few, but I'm working on it...) emoticon I play frequently and with passion with my reliable Thrustmaster Formula T2...

Now to my question... I been wanting to find out where and how to get the carset and complete trackset for Nascar Racing 1994, you know with real drivers and sponsors to begin with my games "updates"... Any help or redirection would be appreciated... Thanks!

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Re: **NEY GUY**

Please click on the yellow image at the top of the page (or the link in my sig, same thing).
Please explore the links provided on that page and hopefully you will find the cars you are looking for.

for tracks, mods, and utilities.
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