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Re: Some Recent Indycar Work..........


woofgm wrote:

I have currently about 40 different Tire combos. I have 20 of them posted on my FB Page. Would not but against putting those on a set for you.

However the hard part is I make them in my tire template, then have to make a new 3 part tire layer for each car. That is unless there are a set number of designs wanted. That would make it easier for me, I will have to export each car, apply the new tires then import it back into the game.


Yeah, I figured it would be quite a lot of work. The design of wheel and tire texture I like the best is the one on the bottom left of that #20 Team Penske scheme. That's seems to be the standard that most of the 2012 IZOD cars would run. Simple, but very nice and realistic looking. Anyway, I understand the amount of work involved so don't worry about doing them.

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