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Benifit Race 65 CFSucks

Okay Guys We Have Date, Track, and Time...

1. Date : August 2 2012

2. Indianapolis_revamped_2010_v2

3. Pratice will be opened at 7:00pm Quaifying : 8:30pm Happy Hour : will be 5 mins Race after Happy hour

4. Place: OGR will be hosting our Race you will have to sign up for Racelm if you have not ready.

5. Mod we are using is Indycar Racing Which Kyle help design.

6. The Race will be 65 laps this is to honor the kids who can't say Cystic Fibrosis it comes out (65 ROSES)

7. This Race is to Help out a Good Friend and a young Man who has opened my eyes to how important Life is... and I think we can give back to him by doing this for him and Cystic Fibrosis Because his Moto is this
[color=red][size=18](Because Cystic Fibrosis Sucks)[/size][/color]

Please Read :


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6/20/2012, 5:18 am Link to this post PM woofgm

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