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How to make tracks using Sandbox

You will need to get several different utilities - Sandbox, Winmip2, a graphics editing program.

Get the N2003 Editing Tools on this page --
USPits link for editing utilities
Sandbox is inside the file nested inside the larger zip file.

Get Winmip2. I don't have a link for it but I am sure you can find it. You also may need some Visual Basic runtime files, you can get these at this Microsoft link Microsoft Visual Basic link
Now get your favorite beverage and start reading the tutorials at the USPits.
US Pits Sandbox Tutorials

If you don't understand them, you won't understand building tracks. Go play Angry Birds.
You don't want to spend the time? We don't want to spend our time answering questions that are covered in the tutorials.
You get frustrated too easy at trying to make a track? Not easier than me, and I have stuck with it and made several tracks. I can do it so can you. Shut up and stick with it. It definitely is not easy, but the satisfaction of having a track to drive on is immense.
My final advice - start simple. Don't try and do something advanced like the Nurburgring - it's way too advanced for a beginner and besides its already been done. Start simple, do a mile oval track. Learn the ins and outs of trackbuilding.
Find a track you like and download it and tear it apart. Find out what makes it tick. (When you modify a track, you will need to delete the .LP files. They are keyed to a tracks specific length, so when you make a change they will no longer match and will not let you load the track.)
Then come back here and ask intelligent questions. We love those and will be glad to help.

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for tracks, mods, and utilities.
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