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Somewhat Radical DtN Idea

First off, allow me to say hi to every one since this is my first post on this board.

Just as a little rundown, I've had NR03 since it first hit the shelves and for the first few years never knew a lick about editing/modding it in any way. About 5 years ago I got high speed internet and was able to explore the world of NR mods and trinkets.

I started editing small things like .ini's and then started getting into track making and editing, and now tracks and creating things like sky textures and developing realistic environments using the sky.3do (Thanks to help from Ian) are my main contributions to the community

Now that you have a bit of background, let me explain my idea.

I was thinking instead of having a 3do skydome to place in tracks, why not build the skydome into the horizon model? I've seen this done on a few older tracks, so it is very possible to do. Doing this would prevent the clipping and inability to use DtN on roadcourses, but however I have no real idea as to how to use, or if it would be possible (or practical) to script the needed animations into the horizon.3do.

So basically, I'm asking if this could be a possibility or just another NR No-No.
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