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Xfinity Mod MLB Carset (Need Help)

Started a poll over at SRD and been posting it on several different forums to find some helpers. It seems like quite a few people did choose the Xfinity Mod to be used for it, but it was to fact of getting this done so that is why I'm asking for a little bit of help with this.

Cars that are not done will be marked some way, Cars that are done will be deleted and Cars that are being worked on will be in parenthesis.
[American League Teams]
NY Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays
Baltimore Orioles
Toronto BlueJays
Boston Red Sox
Minnesota Twins
Kansas City Royals
Detroit Tigers
Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
Houston Astros
LA Angels
Texas Rangers
Seattle Mariners
Oakland Athletics
[National League Teams]
Washington Nationals
NY Mets
Atlanta Braves
Miami Marlins
Philadelphia Phillies
St Louis Cardinals
Chicago Cubs
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinnati Reds
Milwaukee Brewers
LA Dodgers
San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres
Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies
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