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nr2k3 physics editor help

Yesterday I downloaded the physics editor and got everything was working but when I put the game physics into the exe nothing happens. The tester says its done modifying the exe but when I open the nr2003-test file none of my changes take affect for example the fuel cell size. When I change the garage settings that works but not with physics. Any ideas?
8/21/2015, 11:14 am Link to this post PM wafflestv Blog
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Re: nr2k3 physics editor help

LOL........ can't believe I missed this.

Do you understand why you got no replies? Although I think the witch hunt is over, unless someone communicated with you privately, you won't get an answer to that question on a public forum.

Perhaps you could ask that poor bloke in TX who lost his lawsuit.

btw....... anyone ever hear if any of that got reduced, dismissed, etc.? Man, you can't get blood out of a turnip. That was just a "make an example of......" lawsuit.

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